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Case Study | Branding | User Research

Seeds is a source of useful information for people wanting to learn how to start a garden while living in a small space such as apartments or small homes in the city.

The Design Process

I did a fair amount of research to get a grasp of who my main demographic was and what were some of their main struggles. Then I started with designing the logo for the brand along with a color palette so there was consistency with the brand across all
the pieces and then I created a few vector illustrations to use for future deliverables. The first design piece I tackled was the app as that was my primary solution to the problem and then I worked on creating the poster, newsletter and merchandise.

The Solution

I am focusing on designing a logo or brand that represents the overall style and idea behind the concept of gardening. A monthly newsletter, which will serve the purpose of giving out useful tips in “bite-sized” form for quick reading. The newsletter will also promote the use of the app as well. The mobile app which will be the main source of information. The app will include several different topics on gardening along with information about different kinds of plants and how to grow them and other tips about saving space and then promotional merchandise such as little tote bags, t-shirts etc.

The Result

The app's main purpose was to give people a resource at their fingertips. The app
starts out with a main login screen where it gives you the choice of making an account
The main home screen shows a person’s username and a list of current veggies or
herbs they are currently seeking information on. These specific veggies can be added
from the vegetable search screen. When you click on one of the veggie cards. Some
data will pop up about the vegetable along with how much sunlight they
need temperature and watering guidelines.

The monthly newsletter and poster are the first printable design pieces. The newsletter
is a monthly piece of promotional material that has an article with tips about urban
gardening and the poster features some small tips and imagery. Both pieces also
promote the use of the app. The main purpose of the merchandise items was to promote the brand and create awareness about the brand itself. 


The Conclusion

These specific design deliverables would be able to solve the design problem as a
whole because it would give people the information they are looking for to start their
gardening journey and they would be able to keep the information for future uses. I
also think that this would be a more exciting way to learn about gardening compared to
having to scour google for hours trying to find information on where to get started.

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