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Rise Label Design

The challenge for this project was to create a branded packaging series of 3 packages. I chose to redesign labels for an existing kombucha company called “Rise” The packaging needed to stand out on a shelf amongst all the other products but also not be producing more unnecessary waste.

The Approach

I wanted to recreate and reimagine the design of the labels so I started with
researching kombucha drinks and the demographic of who was drinking them to give
me an idea of the type of design to create. I then created some small fruit illustrations
that I wanted on the front of the label and chose colours that fit with the flavours of the
kombucha along with choosing several typefaces. Once these labels were completed I
printed them and applied the labels to the bottles and photographed them for my mockup.

What I did

Illustration, Layout, Typography, and Mockup
Tools I used: Illustrator and Indesign

Untitled-Artwork (1).jpg
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