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For this app project I was tasked with creating a digital interface of an application of our choice. I chose to create a horoscope app that focuses on giving you astrological readings but also allows the beginner to learn about astrology. 

The Approach

Research for this project included figuring out who the primary user would be for this kind of app design and what their persona would be like. But also looking over UI patterns. I created a user persona to get an idea of who would be most likely to use this app. I chose a young professional who doesn't have a lot of free time, who is wanting to learn more about spirituality. I then created a journey map to show how the user would navigate through the app and how they would feel when going through each task. For the beginning stages of building the app in xd we started with building the wireframes in order to get a better idea of how the app would look but also how the navigation and flow would work. And then a final prototype was created for testing. 

What I Did

Research, Layout, Typography, Colour, Prototype and Mockup
Tools I used: Photoshop and Xd

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