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Event Poster

The purpose behind this project was to create an event poster based on another person's favorite event. The project included doing research about the user's event and creating a series of pieces such as a user persona and mood board to finalize the event poster.

The Approach

For my poster design the event that was chosen was a comic book convention. Even though real events like this exist I ended up creating a fake name called “NerdCon”. The convention is supposed to take place in downtown Vancouver on a weekend. To familiarize myself with these types of conventions I did some research to see what is offered during them, when they take place etc. I also looked over several comic book convention posters to get an idea of the art style that was being used and what the overall theme consisted of. I wanted the poster to be bright and have that cartoonish/comic look.

As for my design relating to my user, there were a couple points that were important for him. These were that the convention should take place on a weekend along with ample parking and vendors that are fun and don’t take things too seriously. The persona that I created based on my user I think represented a large portion of people that like to attend this type of event. 

What I Did

Illustration, Typography, Editing, Layout and Mockup
Tools I used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign

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