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The challenge for this project was to create a corporate style informational poster for a fictional company called "Equilibrium". This project also helped with understanding the concept of branding guidelines for a company. 

The Approach

For the first part of the project we were tasked with creating specific icons that represented four different concepts that were part of the companies branding. The icons posed a larger challenge due to the fact that I was not familiar with each concept and how to represent that visually. After some brainstorming sessions and going through a feedback session with my team, I was able to come up with some icon designs that I feel represent the concepts. The next step was to create a poster board design with the companies data and information along with the icons created. I created a first version but made some changes after being given some valuable feedback, and then the design went through another version of feedback until the final piece was complete. 

What I Did


Illustration, Editing, Layout, Typography, Mockup
Tools I used: Adobe Illustrator and Indesign

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