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Black Bubble Tea


The challenge for this project was to redesign a well-known company's brand/logo and create a more recognizable image for the company. The company that was chosen was Cha time which is a corporate bubble tea company. Their current logo and branding did not make it clear to consumers that they sell bubble tea and I felt there was some confusion when trying to figure out what they were selling by looking at their logo.

The Approach

I created some rough thumbs to get a sense of what I was going to place in the logo and then once I narrowed it down to the concept I wanted, I started by illustrating my own pieces for the logo and the other design deliverables, I also researched other bubble tea brands to get an idea of what companies were doing with their designs. I then experimented with several typefaces until I found one that looked fun and “bubbly” and a bright colour palette that still meshed with their current one. Once I was able to establish the logo, I created the remainder of the design pieces which were business cards, bags, cups, uniforms and signage.

Illustration, Typography, Layout and Mockup
Tools I used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign

What I Did

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